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Saturday, 29 December 2012

Beauty Tips in Urdu For Hands

For Women hands are the busiest part of the body.A women Article about Beautiful Hands make personality more attractive Tips and Tricks to enhance the beauty and softness of your hand in urdu.

Monday, 24 December 2012

Bridal Jewellery Designs 2013 For Girls

Almost all women in the world love jewellery. In this article we are sharing few exciting and eye-catching bridal jewellery trends 2012-2013 for women and girls.every women   and girls want to wear latest designs of jewelry because increase beauty and personality.. Girls all over the world believe that their wedding day is a day where they must look their best. Girls blow off all of their savings on this once in a lifetime occasion and jewelry is no exception.Tv artist Tahitra wasti is looking amazing in this bridal jewellery shoot have a look to the new and stylish bridal jewellery sets in Pakistan. Just like every year this year as latest and fashionable bridal jewellery trends 2012-2013 They are those bridal jewellery sets that we think will be in style in Pakistan in 2013. So, have a look at these great bridal jewellery designs. for also girls & women wedding party wear fashion jewelry.Have a look below “Fashion Bridal Jewelry Trends 2013-13 For Bridal Girls”.

Shedule of Pakistan vs India series 2012-13

Schedule of Pakistan vs India series 2012-13 

Sunday, 23 December 2012

Oxford Winter Collection 2012-13 For Men And Women

Oxford winter collection 2012-13 was released for women and men some time back. Oxford was founded in year 1949. Oxford provides best clothes for men & women.Recently they out their warm clothing collection for winter. You can easily find Oxford garment store/outlet at you city, because Oxford having large garment network in Pakistan.used for men & light colors are used for women in this collection which is just perfect for winter season.We are sure that these sweaters will keep you warm and comfortable and make you look stylish during the winters.
Oxford Winter Collection 2012-13 For Men And Women 

Friday, 21 December 2012

Homemade Beauty Tips For Fair Skin In Urdu

How to Get Fair Skin The masks mentioned below are very good to lighten the skin tone and add a glow to the complexion.Read about Pakistani homemade remedies for fair glowing skin tips. ... application of this lotion will surely give your face a beautiful glow.We must first know what that dark skin, by better understanding your skin, you will be better able to choose the right care for your black skin.

Monday, 17 December 2012

Latest Origins New Ready To Wear Winter Range Dress collection 2012-13 for Women

Origins new winter range 2012-13 was revealed recently. Included in it are great casual wear outfits.Origins new winter range 2012-13 was revealed recently. Included in it are great casual wear outfits.The colors worn in the clothes have been packed by way of the mixture of dark and glowing colors together with the brown, pink, green etc The outfits in this collection are really stylish and nice.You can see a few of the dresses in Origins new winter range 2012-13 below. They are also quite comfortable and practical. Hence, we think that Origins new winter range 2012-13.
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Check out below Origins Latest Ready to Wear Winter Fall collection 2012 by Origin, hope  you will like and enjot this collection
Latest Origins New Ready To Wear Winter Range Dress collection  2012-13 for Women

Monday, 10 December 2012

Beauty Tips In Urdu For Face

The first thing a person notices about you is your face. Your face is the mirror to your personality.These face beauty tips in Urdu include skin whitening tips and beauty tips in Urdu for face.District should be treated with care and attention should be sensitive to bleaching. Best work especially the side effects of the skin, rather than a zipper.

Latest Yasmin Zaman Winter 2012 Collection For Women

Yasmin Zaman is one of the new emerging but very fast growing fashion designer in Pakistan.Yasmin Zaman has introduced her latest winter collection 2012-2013 for women, The outfits are very awesome and beautifully designed with beadwork on the front and neckline of the shirts.The shirts are quite long and are paired with churidars for all outfits in this collection. This collection has fully adorned with innovative cuts and elegant looks.The embellishment of innovative cuts and hues made these dresses awesome and beautiful. All dresses in this collection have sleeveless shirts. Shirts are long and paired with Churidar pajama and trousers.The stitching styles are awesome but unique.Latest Yasmin Zaman winter 2012 dresses have adorned with bright colors such as maroon, green, brown, black and etc etcYasmin Zaman is very popular emerging and old fashion designer in Pakistan.

Thursday, 6 December 2012

Beauty Tips In Urdu For Oily Skin:Beauty Tips For Skin

Today We are providing attractiveness tips for girls and boys to look pretty.I am sharing some beauty tips in Urdu with you. These beauty tips for girls to get fair skin complexion.If you have oily skin.Then here I am sharing some natural skin care tips for oily skin that will help you to make your skin beautiful.In this section we have uploaded some pictures containing beauty tips in urdu language specially for visitors who can read and speak urdu.

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Latest New And Stylish Utsav Jewellery Collection 2012-2013 For Women

Well there would be no such woman who doesn’t know about Utsav. Utsav has not just well-known its branches within Jaipur and Rajasthan in india. This brand arrived with the explosion in 2000 and has been making the big name in Indian fashion industry as its main homeland.This brand has been engaged within the women jewellery designs that are known in over 125 countries in the whole sphere world.Every single one designs surrounded by means of the fashion jewellery collection 2012-2013 has been to a large extent dissimilar in styling and designing work and has been engaged within the picture presentation of traditional sophistication.This collection has been presently wished-for in support of the wedding ceremony purpose in addition to brides. In the whole collection the women will find the necklaces that have been ended with the placement of diamonds and gold.Therefore each woman who is reading this article if you have for ever and a day desire in favor of the Utsav jewellery in that case you have to get a hold over the Utsav fashion jewellery collection 2012-2013 at this moment. So all the women out there if you have always wished for the Utsav jewellery then you must get tight hold over the Utsav jewellery collection 2012-2013 now.

Utsav Jewellery Collection 2012-2013 For Women

Nadya Mistry Winter Collection 2012-13 for Women

Nadya Mistry winter collection 2012-13 was revealed a couple of days ago.Nadya Mistry, who is regularly featured in leading fashion glossies and is a keen fashion commentator for the broadcast media in Pakistan and has presented her well-received collections in Karachi, Lahore, Delhi, Dhaka, Paris, London, Houston, Dubai, and Moscow and Delh, is back with more BANG, STYLES, DESIGNS AND COLORS. The designer is based in Karachi. However, her outfits are sold in many cities all over the world.You must imagine after see the collection of Nadya Mistry that these are new, unique, glamorous and good-looking. You can visit her page there and get contact details of Nadya Mistry easily. You can also view more collections of Nadya Mistry on Mistry Facebook Fan Page:
Nadya Mistry Winter Collection 2012-13 for Women

Sunday, 2 December 2012

Latest Needle Impressions Party Dresses 2012 For Winter

Recently, the most beautiful party wear collection has recently launched for the season of winter.Needle Impressions has been working in the field of fashion since year 2010. You will find casual wear, formal wear, and party wear outfits in the latest trendy styles in the collections of Needle Impression, as it is a designer embroidered fabric store.Needle Impressions has been working in this field since very past years ago.Needle Impressions is a designer embroidered fabric store where you will find stunning and stylish outfits.The whole collection is traditional along with very innovative cuts and high ends. Many bright colors are used in the winter collection 2012 which include red, yellow, orange, blue and many other bright colors. The stitching style of these dresses are simple but unique, which will definitely mesmerize you very much.Latest Needle Impressions arrivals 2012-13 for women is of course a numerous collection of this season have fully embellished with style and looks.Just wait a bit here and have a look at this beautiful winter party wear collection 2012 by Needle Impressions here below....

Saturday, 1 December 2012

Uniworth Winter Collection 2012-13 for Men

Uniworth winter collection 2012-13 was launched for men some time back.This clothing brand was established in 1971. Recently, Uniworth has pride to introduce its new outlet named as Shirt & Tie Shop. Uniworth has pride to introduce its outlets Shirt & Tie Shop.You can see a lot of different types of clothes for men in this collection. The main product lines of Uniworth are shirts, trousers, ties, t-shirts, socks, vests, belts, shalwar kameez suits, wallets etc. Moreover, Uniworth has the pride and honor to introduce the most popular clothing brand under the label of Shirt & Tie shop.It was founded in 1971 and is now a leading brand for men’s clothes and accessories in the country. It deals in formal clothing for men mostly. However, its casual clothes for men are also quite awesome. As we know that Uniworth is included in the list of top and reputable clothing brands for men. In this post, men will find wide range of Uniworth dress shirts and casual shirts for summer season. he company established an established an extensive retail shops network in all major cities including Lahore, Islamabad, Rawalpindi, Multan, Sialkot, Faislabad, Gujranwala, Gujraat, Lalamusa, Rahim Yar Khan, Sargodha and Sahiwal.The address of Uniworth page on Facebook is here.

Uniworth Facebook Fan Page: